Organic Secrets® (A Brand Of Etihad Group)

Our Manufacturing Partner (Hub Salt) established in 1986, is known for providing premium salt for different grades produced and processed by the most advanced and latest methods. We are labeled as the topmost ranking exporter for our systematic and well-planned products that go through uncompromising quality control and assurance. We are the only Salt company in Pakistan that can offer every grade of salt and every sort of packaging according to the customers’ needs. We have various certifications for our unbent standards of providing consistent, high-quality products.

What We Do

Organic Secrets® is a premium, high-quality Pink Himalayan Salt Brand available globally. The Organic Secrets products include premium Pink Himalayan Salt and gourmet offerings of Sea Salt, Smoked Salt, and Black Salt. All the SKUS are packed in top-quality packaging which is designed to fulfill the requirements of different demographics. The packaging variety is diverse ranging from jars, shakers, pouches, bottles, and grinders. The salt offered in our Organic Secrets range is exceptional in quality processed in our modern and state-of-the-art plants. The cleaning process of the salt includes washing it multiple times and removing the metal impurities by passing it through metal detectors. We have the most stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that the final product is of the top quality.

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Boosts Energy

Himalayan Pink Salt is the world's best edible salt, rich with minerals and trace elements found in the human body.

Increases Hydration

A daily use of Himalayan Pink Salt can ensure proper flow of fluids in the body.

Reduces Cramping

Use of Himalayan Pink Salt reduces muscle cramps

Promotes Healthy Bones

We bring Himalayan Pink Salt to you in its finest quality and taste in our brand Organic Secret.


The Brand that guarantees its purity and finest quality


A brand that has a wide range of salt varieties. Products made in an innovative way and as per consumers’ demands


All the products have been packaged in reusable jars and shakers.


A Brand that takes pride in being certified for its different products.


Organic Secrets® have an International Quality Standard certification and frequently consults with Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) to maintain distinctive value in product manufacturing, packing and exporting across the globe.

About Organic Secrets®

Organic Secrets® is a step ahead as Himalayan Salt Tiles Suppliers, Himalayan Salt Exporters and Himalayan Salt Block Manufacturers in Pakistan, just because of their buyer indulgence with faster delivery and modest price strategy, at local and abroad projects.

Our Catalogs

Organic Secrets® gets the best quality Himalayan salt direct from mines and manufacture Himalayan salt Tiles, Blocks, Lamps, & Kitchen Products in the factory for export with same quality. Check our catalog and explore the complete list of our products.

We Are Certified

Implementing International quality standards to ensure your business requirements

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