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Fluoridated Salt

Fluoridated Salt is fortified by adding measured amounts of Sodium Fluoride in dry salt. Organic Salt is the sole producer of this special fortified salt in Pakistan and has been manufacturing and exporting it to overseas markets for the past few years.  The production of this grade of edible salt is sensitive and done with meticulous care to ensure that the amount of sodium fluoride being added to the salt is in very strictly controlled measurement and is also evenly distributed in each production batch.

Fluoridated Salt is beneficial for oral health since it prevents tooth loss and decay. Proper intake of Fluoride and getting rid of the deficiency can help us in the prevention of such diseases. The first international symposium on Salt Fluoridation came to the conclusion that:

“Table salt is an ideal vehicle for administering Fluoride, and salt fluoridation is an effective and safe measure for partial control of dental caries. Its wider use should be encouraged and supported.”

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Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the key ingredients in Herbal Medicine used by the  ancestry of Pakistan.