Welcome To Organic Secrets® (A Brand Of Etihad Group)

Our Manufacturing Partner (Hub Salt)  established in 1986 and our Brand Organic Secrets® is known for providing premium salt quality for different grades produced and processed by the most advanced and latest methods. We are labeled as the topmost ranking exporter for our systematic and well-planned products that go through uncompromising quality control and assurance. We are the only Salt company in Pakistan that can offer every grade of salt and every sort of packaging according to customers’ needs. We have various certifications for our unbent standards of providing consistent, high-quality products.

Other than our plant at Hub, we have harvesting and upgrading of salt going on at Ankerio as well. The plants at Ankerio and Mokhai have an installed capacity of 2,000 tons per day of upgradation and harvesting capabilities of up to 10,000 tons per day. This Ankerio plant is installed with the latest, state of the art harvesting and upgrading machinery, making it the most modern and advanced salt plant in the region. The plant has been specially designed for continuous production without wasting any time, despite the obstacles faced due to the monsoon seasons. The Ankerio plant is spread over an area of 2,000 acres of land.

Organic Secrets®

Organic Secrets® is a premium, high-quality Pink Himalayan Salt Brand available globally. The Organic Secrets products include premium Pink Himalayan Salt and gourmet offerings of Sea Salt, Smoked Salt, and Black Salt. All the SKUS are packed in top-quality packaging which is designed to fulfill the requirements of different demographics. The packaging variety is diverse ranging from jars, shakers, pouches, bottles, and grinders. The salt offered in our Organic Secrets range is exceptional in quality processed in our modern and state-of-the-art plants. The cleaning process of the salt includes washing it multiple times and removing the metal impurities by passing it through metal detectors. We have the most stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that the final product is of the top quality.

Why Choose Us

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

Our other plant, the organic secrets, is located at the industrial estate of Hub, which is also known as Hub Industrial Trading Estate (H.I.T.E). The plant covers an area of over 50,000 square meters. The plant is surrounded by well-maintained greenery all around. This complies with Hub-Pak’s environmental policy. Also, Hub-Pak is the first company in Pakistan to have achieved zero liquid discharge (ZLD). This means that we do not discharge liquid waste products in the drains, so that we may contribute as much as we can towards a healthy environment.

WHY Choose Us?

The first Pakistani salt manufacturing company, focuses greatly on satisfying its customers. But that alone is not reason enough for our customers to choose us over others. organic secrets would be a smart choice for all because:

We Are Extremely Good At What We Do

All products at Organic Secrets are produced following strict principles of food safety and hygiene. Our emphasis on prevention of even the most remote possibilities of cross-contamination of all food salt products is exemplary and has given us a unique place in the industry.

We Understand Business

Customer in need of one bag of gourmet salt for their haute-cuisine is as important to us as a bulk buyer that orders multiple containers every month. Our focus on customer satisfaction has earned us many loyal followers over the decades that are spoilt on our professional customer services.

We Are Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Our R&D department does not only focus on improving the quality of our products but is also focused on innovation in our production techniques.
Complete eradication of Bromine from certain grades of our industrial salt and achievement of ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) status are examples of our pro-active production innovations.