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Edible Himalayan Pink Salt

Edible Himalayan Pink Salt

The Edible Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to be the purest form of salt as it is excavated and mined from ancient salt mines dating back to over 250 million years when these mountains used to be living oceans that were trapped beneath the earth’s crust due to massive geological changes on our planet. This ancient sea salt solidified over the passage of time and is now known as Rock Salt (non iodized himalayan pink salt).  The mountains’ stretch starting from the Himalayas in Nepal and passing through India and ending in the North of Pakistan, is where this salt is mined from, hence giving it the now world-famous name of Himalayan Pink Salt.

Edible Himalayan Pink Salt contains over 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health.  The pink colour of the Edible Himalayan Pink Salt represents its high iron content in its natural form and adds a unique look to the presentation of any food. Known for its high mineral content and therapeutic properties, the Pink Salt can be used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, soothe sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body, besides giving a healthy and naturally controlled supply of necessary minerals and nutrients to the human body. Edible Himalayan Pink Salt is available in a range of different grain sizes to meet each customer’s specific needs, it is used as a healthy substitute for common table salt (Table salt -Food)as well as popular for everyday cooking needs.

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Did you know ?

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the key ingredients in Herbal Medicine used by the  ancestry of Pakistan.