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Halite Salt Crystals

The Himalayan Halite Crystal Salt Sole solution supplies the body with the natural energy stored in the salt crystals, enabling the body to hold this energy for up to 24 hours.

The Halite Salt Crystals solution energizes the body naturally. The energy is transferred from the natural energy stored in the crystals and lasts up to 24 hours after consumption. It greatly helps harmonize acidity, normalizes blood pressure, reduces chances for arthritis, kidney and gall bladder stones and eliminates skin diseases.

Available in a bag of 25 kg, the daily consumption of halite crystal salt sole drink can be invaluable to our bodies. Ideal to drink on an empty stomach on a regular basis, it could be used as little as a drop, or up to a teaspoon in a glass of water.

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Did you know ?

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the key ingredients in Herbal Medicine used by the  ancestry of Pakistan.