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Cone Tealight with Metal Stand

Negative ions, also known as “Vitamins of the Air”, are released from Salt Crystal Rocks and Lamps to improve the quality of the air. These negative ions are considered very healthy for humans and can be found at numerous places like on mountain tops after thunderstorms, near waterfalls, forests, and by the sea. They are concentrated in the air by the billions. Negative ions give the air its invigorating freshness, cleanliness, and keep it airborne bacteria-free. Non-illuminated crystals produce negative ions, however the Salt Crystal Lamps which are illuminated from inside with a lamp warm the salt crystals and produce and emit a higher number of negative ions and deliver a more efficient ionizing effect. The Salt Crystal Lamps do not lose their ionizing effect, lose weight or change colour/shape with time.
Salt Lamps, illuminated by a light bulb, produce a beautiful, soothing atmosphere pleasant to the eyes, mind and soul. You can experience a natural glow of different colours and shades from orange to pink. This colour glow and ionized, clean, fresh air create a special atmosphere of calming meditative balance, tranquillity, peace and well-being for humans. Many people in Europe and Australia are aware of the benefits of negative ions for our health. The reduced well-being that one feels in highly polluted areas by cars, industrial pollution, artificially air-conditioned offices, or when certain hot dry wind conditions exist, are usually due to an unduly low negative ion balance. The rock salt lamp can be kept anywhere you want. They will improve and preserve air quality. They are considered very healthy and they create a very pleasant environment. HubSalt offers lamps of all sizes and shapes to its customers. Weighing from 2 to 4 kilograms, and measuring up to 35 cm in height, it goes to a weight of 40 kg and 100 cm height per lamp. These lamps are carefully hand-carved and are unique in shape. Salt crystal rocks of such clear and beautiful colours are rare. By the Grace of Allah, Pakistan is gifted with this natural gift of the best quality of pink rock salt.

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Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the key ingredients in Herbal Medicine used by the  ancestry of Pakistan.