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Cylinder Tealight

It’s a perfect gift for your beloved ones and very unique decor. A beautiful handmade Himalayan natural salt tealight holder, made with pure Himalayan natural pink salt. Lots of studies and researches show that the Himalayan pink salt tealight holder works miraculously. It provides unlimited benefits.
One of the key benefits of the Himalayan pink salt tealight holder is that it protects us from the positive ions around us. When heated with its candle, it releases negative ions that work as air purifiers. Now in modern days, positive ions are everywhere around us. It comes from TV, microwave ovens, mobile phone signals, etc. These waves are not good for our health, hence using a salt lamp or Himalayan Pink salt Tealight Holder in the bedroom, sitting room, office and study room will help us fight against it.

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Did you know ?

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the key ingredients in Herbal Medicine used by the  ancestry of Pakistan.